End of Year

Take Stock

Right after the holidays,  I visited with my Big Bro and Fab SIL (Sister-In-Law). They kindly asked about my progress with my new consulting venture. Then Fab SIL sighed.  “We just finished our year-end giving. Could you tell your clients to please…please…PLEASE make it easy to give?”

Learning opportunity staring me in the face, I asked what would make it easy for her to give, and here’s what she said:

Place a prominent GIVE HERE button on the home page of your website.
Turns out even some of the ivy league schools both Fab SIL and Big Bro attended force their alumni to dig around. Big Bro gave up poking around one favorite nonprofit’s site and actually Googled “give to [this organization]” before he was led to a link. Research by Dr. Bill Crowe, Senior Public Service Faculty and Director at University of Georgia and former President at Tyler Community  College, TX, indicated that ONLY 5.9% of community college websites have a Call to Action (Donate/Give Here) button on the home page of their college’s website. Yikes.

Set up a secure ONLINE GIVING option.
Unbelievably, one of the institutions of the myriad they’ve attended in their academic careers (yes… both Big Bro and Fab SIL are academic overachievers), didn’t even have a way to make a gift online. All it did was list ways for them to give and where to send the check. Big Bro and Fab SIL are nearing retirement… and still they want to make their gifts online. LET THEM.  By the way, Fab SIL also wants a way to do the following online:

  • Choose to be an anonymous donor
  • Choose a specific project/scholarship/program to designate gift
  • Choose NOT to accept any thank you gift

Food for thought?


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