Resource Development and Diversification

A sustainable resource development and diversification program is built upon fundamental processes. It should not be dependent upon any one individual – – it requires a cultural and institutional commitment to the building and nurturing of relationships. Our goal is to help your institution create sustainable and enduring resource development practices. We will do that by developing your ability and confidence related to all aspects of resource development and diversification. We will

  • Evaluate your current institutional environment and community support
  • Provide leadership training, support and guidance in developing fundraising programs
  • Coach leaders, including the president, administrators, staff, faculty, and volunteers
  • Mentor lead development staff
  • Celebrate successes

We will customize consulting services based on your institutional priorities using the Resource Diversification Model

  • Foundation/Board Development and Stewardship
  • Prospect/Donor Research
  • Cultivation
  • Alumni Development
  • Annual Campaigns/Programs
  • Business & Industry Partners
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Special Events
  • Federal Grants and Legislative Support
  • Private Foundations
  • Consortia Agreements

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